Aug 06, 2020

SF Lokka’s murder: Police seeking suspects

Court has instructed Police to apprehend the suspects involved in the murder of Underworld gang member Eron Ranasinghe alias ‘SF Lokka’ and produce them in court promptly.

Anuradhapura Chief Magistrate Prasanna Samarasinghe instructed the police to apprehend the suspects promptly after examining the crime scene, last evening.

Underworld gang member Eron Ranasinghe alias ‘SF Lokka’ was shot dead yesterday in Dahaiyagama, Anuradhapura.

He died in a shooting carried out at a railway crossing in Dahaiyagama by an unidentified gunman. ‘SF Lokka’ was travelling in a vehicle when he was shot.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the underworld gang member had sustained eight gunshot wounds.

A woman who was in the vehicle at the time sustained injuries and has been admitted to hospital for treatment.

Police said ‘SF Lokka’ was 33 years old at the time of his demise.

No suspects have been identified thus far.

Underworld gang member Eron Ranasinghe is the chief suspect in the murder of Karate Champion Wasantha Soyza.