Jul 25, 2020

Counting centers doubled Featured

Elections Commissioner General Saman Ratnayake says that the number of counting centers in the general election has doubled compared to previous years and the number of counting centers has been increased to 2,820 this year.

Ratnayake pointed out that it had been at 1420 in the previous election and the number has been increased to ensure health and safety while providing fast results.

Ratnayake added that the number of main counting premises was 71 and the total number of counting centers (counting halls) in those premises was 2,820.A process has been implemented to ensure that each center receives 5000 to 6000 votes.

Accordingly 453 postal counting centers and 2367 ordinary counting centers have been established, he said.

There are 1,62,63,885 registered voters for the forthcoming general election and they will cast their votes at 12,774 polling stations.He pointed out that 3652 nominations have been received from recognized political parties and 3800 nominations from independent groups.