Jul 23, 2020

Was Angoda Lokka killed or did he undergo plastic surgery?

Intelligence units have learnt that leading underworld figure Chandana Lasantha Perera alias ‘Angoda Lokka’ has reportedly been killed by poisoning in India.

Intelligence units have commenced an investigation in this regard from yesterday (22).

It is said that he has been poisoned by a wife of a deceased underworld leader. He had persuaded her to be one of his paramours after the death of her husband.

It has also been revealed that 'Angoda Lokka' had threatened wives of several underworld leaders and sent for them to come to him in India as paramours.

Intelligence units suspect that the murder could have taken place over romantic relationships and clashes between gangs.

The woman who is said to have poisoned 'Angoda Lokka' is said to have phoned his sister to inform her about his death.  

It is said that the woman had also texted the main marksman of  Angoda Lokka's gang - 'Harak Kata' and the texts were related to money in heroin transactions.

However, the sister had stated although her brother usually calls every week, he had not called these days.

According to information received by the underworld gangs, 'Angoda Lokka' was hospitalised after being hit by a lorry at a parking lot, several months ago.

It is also said that an imprisoned member of Angoda Lokka's clan has raised doubts noting that 'Angoda Lokka' usually does not send text messages.

Meanwhile, prison sources say with the news of Angoda Lokka's death, a dispute has arisen over the division of his property.

However, intelligence units had previously learnt that Angoda Lokka planned to undergo a plastic surgery and flee to Europe. Intelligence units suspect he would do so after spreading rumors of being assassinated.

Meanwhile, it is suspected that the woman in question had cremated him like an ordinary Indian national after taking his gold and money.