Feb 14, 2017

‘SAITM should be done away with’ Featured

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka says SAITM, the private medical college at Malabe, should be done away with.

There should be opportunities in Sri Lanka to pursue paid higher education, but those opportunities should come along with the required qualifications, he says.

BBC Sandeshaya quotes him as having said that there were quality issues involving laboratory and research facilities and qualified professors etc. when studying medicine at private institutions,

Education is not a commodity, he noted, adding that the state spent Rs. 2.5 million to create a doctor, and that SAITM should not be paid Rs. 12 to do the same.

Ranawaka also said he did not believe the private sector had the capability to provide facilities to teach certain engineering subjects either.

Therefore, the state should conduct such higher study courses, he stressed.

Pointing to the overseas education by some youths, he said students who lost university entrance but having high z-scores should be given opportunities to receive a paid education at state medical and engineering faculties.

Also the opinion among medical professionals that the state should provide jobs for medical graduates was unacceptable, as they should be allowed to be absorbed by the private sector as well.

He went onto say that the state should bring the illegally-run international schools under the country’s education act to make them private schools teaching local curricula.

The country should have a quality education in both the state and private sectors that aim to create intellectuals who suit the knowledge-based innovative economy, he added.