Jul 10, 2020

Rangajeewa obstructs duties of a photojournalist Featured

Former OIC of the Police Narcotic Bureau, IP Neomal Rangajeewa has obstructed the duties of a photojournalist today (10).

The incident had taken place at the premises of the Number 01 Colombo High Court, after the photojournalist had taken a photo of Rangajeewa, who is the first suspect in the Welikada Prison massacre case. Rangajeewa was to appear in court when the case was to be taken up today.

Video footage shows Rangajeewa taking away the journalist in question to the police post located at the court premises.

The journalist had revealed he was taken away in this manner even when he had verified his identity as a journalist. He added that the memory chip of his camera was also removed at the police post.