Jul 10, 2020

Mahinda tries to raise Danasiri to No 7! Featured

Founder of the Sri Lanka Podu Peramuna (SLPP) - Basil Rajapaksa has prepared a list based on data collected from a survey, reports say.

The list contains the SLPP candidates who are likely to be elected to parliament from the Colombo District at the upcoming General election.

Danasiri, who is a staunch supporter of PM Mahinda Rajapaksa, is currently at No. 09 in this list. However, the PM is said to be backing Danasiri to elevate him to No. 07.

It is reported that arrangements are also being made to hold a special public meeting at Danasiri's residence. PM Rajapaksa, who has currently limited making appearances during public meetings held at other candidates' houses, is to make an exception for Danasiri, sources say.