Jul 09, 2020

Beddage still in SL ; Lankans in Male helpless Featured

It is reported that a large number of Sri Lankans who are hoping to return to Sri Lanka from the Maldives are still helpless.

These Sri Lankans say that although measures were taken to engage several repatriation flights, the Sri Lankan High Commission In Male had not followed a proper procedure with regard to issuing air tickets.

It is also reported that the embassy has not given prominence to emergencies, the registration process of those wanting to return or to those who have lost their jobs.

Since, Rohana Beddage, who was appointed as Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Male, has not yet gone to Maldives, embassy work is entirely handled by the other officials.

Meanwhile, it is reported that several Sri Lankan technical officers working in the Maldivian national carrier have been unable to return to Sri Lanka after their pay was suspended for several months.

It has been informed that in order to return to Sri Lanka from the Maldives, the air which includes quarantine and PCR inspection fees, is around $1000. It is said that this is over five times the normal air fare.