Jul 07, 2020

Crisis over distribution of ''The Newspaper" given to pvt. sector Featured

A fresh crisis has arisen in the field after the distribution of 'The Newspaper' film was handed over to the EAP circuit, reports say.

The film was co-produced by the minister of media - Dr. Bandula Gunawardena, who had also  been involved in the production of films such as 'Suddilage Kathawa', 'Siri Medura' and 'Ayoma'.

Distribution of 'The Newspaper' was thus handed over to the private sector in a backdrop where the National Film Corporation was adament that distribution of films should not be given to the private sector.

In the recent past, the government took over the distribution of films as a move to boost the film industry and abolished four privately owned distribution boards.

Also,steps were taken to categorize films and distribute the films only in three streams.

However, private companies have sought legal redress against this decision and both parties are currently awaiting the verdict.

Private companies have pointed out that the media minister's decision to reach out to the private sector to distribute 'The Newspaper' has proved that the state distributing mechanism has failed.

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