Jul 05, 2020

Election campaign to make Zuckerberg rich Featured

Sri Lanka Information Technology Association President Rajeev Yasiru Kuruwitage says that with the use of Facebook social networking and leading internet advertising campaigns for the general election, a large amount of money is flowing into foreign countries.

He further stated that this situation has been made worse by the use of social media without proper understanding of its functionality.

He pointed out that in a situation where the government is trying to manage the Covid-19 crisis by suspending the importation of essential commodities, the public will have to face the consequences of local financial reserves being drawn by foerign countries after the election.

He stated that he has also been able to identify fraudulent social media operators who mislead candidates.

For example, posting an advertisement of a candidate contesting in Wanni in Colombo would be of no use.

The number of registered voters in the Colombo district is close to 1.7 million and its population is 2.3 million. Out of these, 60% to 70% have internet access and some social media campaign agencies are misleading the Colombo district candidates by telling them that they can offer them a Post Reach of 5 million.

He says that the Post Reach is funded by the agencies and that sometimes Post Reach is obtained from Latin America.

He points out that due to this situation, the candidate's money as well as the country's money is wasted.