Jun 24, 2020

Power cuts for non-payment of bills since Jan.

The Ceylon Electricity Board says it will suspend the power supply to consumers who have failed to settle electricity bills since January 2020.

The CEB said the power supply to households that have not settled tariffs during the COVID-19 pandemic period however will not be disrupted.

The Ministry of Power and Energy in a statement noted that 50% of electricity tariffs were settled for the month of April, 65% for the month of May and 90% for the month of June.

The Ceylon Electricity Board noted that the present situation has arisen owing to unawareness among the public pertaining to settling electrify bills.

A discussion pertaining to concerns related to electricity tariffs was held today with CEB officials and Minister Mahinda Amaraweera.

The CEB officials noted that electricity bills increased significantly due to high domestic usage owing to the imposition of curfew in the months of March, April and May.

They stressed that even though the bills the increase in charges is due to the rise in the number of units consumed owing to high domestic usage.

The CEB officials noted that all consumers have individual electricity accounts and can therefore reclaim any money paid in excess.

The CEB officials added that the excess sum could also be deducted as the next month’s bill payment.

The CEB officials also stated that a late fee will not be charged for the delay in settling the March, April and May bills.