Jun 22, 2020

Won't change statement - Karuna

Former LTTE regional leader - Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan better known as Karuna Amman says it is common knowledge that he killed soldiers while in the LTTE and it is not possible to arrest him now over that fact.

Muralitharan, who is contesting the upcoming Gen. election from the Ampara district, sparked controversy last week after saying that he is more dangerous than COVID-19 as he killed between 2000-3000 troops in a single day at Elephant Pass during the war.

Noting that he stood by his original statement, he added that  although the United National Party and the Janatha Vimukthi Party called to arrest him, they too had wrongs in their pasts.
Taken out of context
Speaking to 'Daily Mirror', he has said that the UNP and JVP had taken his statement out of context.

"My statement has been taken out of context. What I meant is that during the war, both the army and the LTTE suffered heavy casualties. However, under Mahinda Rajapaksa’s leadership peace was brought in. So I was referring to the lives lost,” Muralitharan said.   

Referring to Sajith rebuking his statement, Muralitharan said,  “Sajith very well knows that his father had given 5,000 rifles and 1 crore rounds when LTTE was very weak. The UNP people only supplied the weapons rounds.”

“At the same time, Anura Kumara Dissanayake cannot blame me because they killed more than 80,000 people. So they cannot talk like that against me,” he added.  

He emphasises that he has joined a democratic political process now.

Muralitharan's statement (Courtesy : News First) 

Muralitharan had backed the incumbent president Gotabhaya Rajapaksa during the last presidential election.

Political prisoners
However, the media had reported that requests made by several Tamil politicians to release 84 political prisoners related to LTTE activities, were declined on the grounds that the prisoners were convicted of missile strikes on airplanes and killing security force personnel.

Tamil politicians including former Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council - C.V. Vigneswaran, EPRLF leader - S. Premachandra, N. Srikanthan and Anandi Sasitharan had made the above request.