Jun 07, 2020

Surveying starts for controversial mango plantation

Surveying has commenced for a 100-acre land in the Kiralawa Reserve, for a mango plantation, reports say.

The land, located in the Marakaella area of the Kiralawa reserve, is to be given to a private company - Prime Site, for the purpose.

The land belongs to the Mahaweli Authority and surveying too, is being done on the instructions issued by the authority.

It is said that the project does not even have an Environmental impact Assesment (EIA) report, which is usually mandatory when initiating a project in a reserve.

The area crosses over a transit point used by elephants since the past and is also home to over 50 tuskers such as Raththaka, Ranna and Bharana, from March to May.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' initially revealed this on June 05, which coincidently, was also the 'World Environment Day'.

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