Jun 06, 2020

Kelaniya PS offers 5,000 on token basis; offers overpriced dry ration parcel Featured

It is reported that the majority of the people in Hunupitiya East have not received the Rs.5,000 offered by the government.

It is said that a large number of eligible persons have not received the funds as the relevant officials have not informed  the date and location to  collect money.

Meanwhile, it is reported that around 300 people had come to Padiliyatuduwa area in Hunupitiya on the 4th of June to collect the money and it had only been given to 100 people after issuing tokens  and the rest had been turned away.

Samurdhi Officer Kamani Wickremasinghe is said to have distributed the money.

Meanwhile, opposition leader of Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabhga Vipula Peiris alleges that there has been a massive irregularity in distributing dry food parcels to the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the area.

Peiris alleges that none of the opposition members of the Pradeshiya Sabha were involved in the distribution of the food parcels and that they were not received by eligible persons but by the supporters of the ruling party.

It is said that the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha has allocated Rs 9 million for this and has made arrangements to distribute 400 bags to each Grama Niladhari Division.

However, Peiris points out that some Grama Niladhari Divisions have received less than 400 bags of dry rations.

Meanwhile, the bag was priced at Rs. 750 but the market value of the bags was Rs. 650.

It has been reported that the Chairman and the ruling party members  have been reluctant to show the opposition the expenses incurred and Peiris has requested the details under Right to Information Act.