May 28, 2020

JVP condemns Mahindananda's statement in a letter to Dinesh Featured

The JVP has condemned a recent statement by former state Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage.

Speaking at a TV programme on Derana TV earlier this week, Mahindananda had claimed that a group sent to Sri Lanka on May 19 was a group who had contracted Covid-19 and was specifically selected by the Kuwait government. He also likened their arrival to a bomb.

In a letter to the minister of Foreign Affairs - Dinesh Gunawardena, president of the JVP affiliated 'Ethera Api' organisation has condemned the irresponsible and defamatory statement made by Mr. Aluthgamage.

The letter also includes an explanation by Mr. Jude Livera, the president of the 'Ethera Api' Kuwait branch.

Handunetti had noted that the Sri Lanka Ambassador in Kuwait, in an interview said the group of 466 were subject to medical inspections and four of them raised concerns and were therefore directed to hospitals adding that only one individual at the time had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The letter points out that the large number of Lankans in Kuwait requested that they be repatriated two months prior and charged that the government’s lack of attention to repatriating the group led to the present situation.

The JVP also condemned various accusations levelled at foreign nations and officials who assisted in sending home the group of Lankans.

While claiming the government should not halt the repatriation programmes, the JVP urged the government to follow stringent quarantine methods when bringing such groups back.