May 09, 2020

Country will not open on Monday Featured

Dr. Naveen De Zoysa, Assistant Secretary of the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA), said that although most people have interpreted what is happening on Monday (May 11) as opening the country, it is only a reduction of 'alertness'.

Dr. Naveen De Zoysa said that the country would be brought down from a high alert level to a moderate level of alertness and that with this the social distancing which was up to 80% could be reduced to 50%.

It has been decided to commence private and public sector work in the Western Province from May 11.

Could cause an increase of patients

He said that with this process, both decreasing or increasing numbers of patients could occur, and that if there is an increase in the number of patients, they should be prepared to implement necessary measures.

He warned that if the people do not follow the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Health, there will be an uncontrollable situation in the country.

He said that the Ministry of Health should immediately formulate one primary guideline for the control of the new coronavirus and that it is essential that everyone adhere to it.

If not, it is problematic to control the virus, he said.

He said that according to the main guideline prepared by the Ministry of Health, each institution should have its own guidelines.

New gazette today

Meanwhile, a gazette notification will be issued today (09 May) regarding the decision to open the country on 11 May.

CTB buses are only for official purposes

Even though the curfew has been loosened, the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) has decided to use buses only for official purposes.

Train travel is limited to reserved seats

Nearly 3,000 public and private sector employees have already booked the trains to arrive in Colombo on Monday.

Only the passengers with season ticket who have booked the seats will be allowed to travel. Commercial Superintendent of Railways Vajira Polwatta says that a SMS message will be sent to the mobile phone of the passenger with their seat number and carriage and this SMS will be checked at every station before boarding the train.

In addition, following guidelines must be followed!

You should not wear a variety of jewelry and accessories and make sure to carry only the essentials.

If you use public transport to get to your office, be sure to maintain your distance within the bus or train.

If you are coming to work from your personal vehicle, you should corporate with the Police and security forces by showing your work or national identity card.

When entering the office premises, you should wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect and check your temperature.

It is important to follow the proper procedure and maintain the distance while using the lift.

When entering the office you should wash your hands again with disinfectant.

If possible use the office door using the elbow.

Before starting work, it is important to clean office equipment with disinfectant and use gloves.

If you use money and documents  in the office washing your hands with disinfectant  and frequently washing you hands during office can protect you from virus.

Also, it is imperative that you use a cup and a plate for your own use at the office.

Eating alone will help prevent the virus from spreading.

Do not forget to maintain the distance during office meetings.

It is best to wash your hands before returning home after work, and then disinfect your clothes and body again before entering the house.

Also, you can protect yourself and your family from the COVID-19 virus by removing footwear before entering the home.

If you are staying in a temporary apartment with a few friends, it is important that you maintain the distance within those rooms as well.