Apr 25, 2020

COVID-19 in Sri Lanka is not the type found in Wuhan but US Featured

It has been identified that the COVID-19 patients found in Sri Lanka are carrying COVID-19 type "A".

A team of researchers from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura have made this discovery.

The research team is headed by Professor Nilika Malavige, Director of the Dengue Research Center of the university.

COVID-19, or New Corona Virus, is scientifically known as SARS-CoV-2.   

Scientists have identified three basic types of the virus as A, B and C.

COVID-19 was first found in Wuhan, China, which is said to be the COVID-19, type "B".

Type "C" is the widely spreading type in the European region and the type "A" currently spreading in Sri Lanka  is reportedly spreading in the US and Australia.

Scientists say that the complications caused by each type of virus are different.

Professor Nilika Malavige states that these differences has an impact on the increase of COVID-19 mortality rate in some countries.

Accordingly, to understand whether a vaccine found in one country for a viral infection is suitable for another country, it is necessary to first identify the type of virus that is spreading in that country, she said.

She has revealed that identification of the virus strains can only be done by studying their genetic makeup and that this is the first time such a study have been carried out in Sri Lanka.

Source - Neth News

Neleeka and TeamResearch Team – from right Dr. Deshni Jayathilaka, Dr. Chandima Jeewandara, Prof Neelika Malawige (Leader of the Research Team), Dr. Dinuka Ariyaratne (Blue mask), Senior Scientist Laksiri Gomes (sitting down), Mr. Diyanath Ranasinghe standing behind with white shirt, (Two personnel from the company who installed the machine are also in the picture.