Feb 04, 2017

Intelligence units investigate Bond investments Featured

Intelligence units have commenced special investigations to ascertain if Perpetual Treasuries Ltd had invested the ill-gotten profits made through the Bond scam transaction in local electronic media institutions, according to reliable sources.

Based on a presidential directive, intelligence units have commenced investigations on Perpetual Treasuries and their affiliated investors where it is alleged that prominent media personnel are being offered attractive remuneration packages and recruited for their media outfit, sources said.

The President has initiated this investigation based on complaints received that prior to the Commission appointed to investigate the Bond scam issue even commencing investigations, that the ill-gotten monies are being invested to purchase several electronic media institutions with the aim of stalling the Presidential Commission investigations.

Meanwhile the Presidential Commission to investigate the Treasury Bond scam comprising Supreme Court Judge K.T. Chitrasiri, P.S. Jayawardena and retired Deputy Auditor General K. Velupillai was named recently and the President had notified them that he anticipates an impartial report without being influenced by any party. The President told the Commission to notify him if anyone attempts to influence them or pressurise them in any way obstructing the investigations, Presidential Secretariat sources said.