Feb 03, 2017

Questioning SAITM is hypocritical – Kusal Perera (video) Featured

The Kannangara reforms recognized education as a right and the state funded schools were started as a result for children who cannot pay for their education in order to ensure that right for them, remarks senior journalist and political analyst Kusal Perera.

When Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara got 24 session papers adopted as the education minister, the country had 1,114 private schools, he notes, adding however, none of them were closed or taken over by the state following the reforms.

Perera was taking part in a discussion organized by the state policy studies division of the University of Ruhuna.

He went onto say that that the state assisted even the private schools run amidst difficulties.

At present, 44 private schools function in the country, according to him.

Pointing out that students of those schools pay for 13 years of primary and secondary education and then enter state universities for higher education, he asked as to why the private medical college SAITM only has become an issue.

He described this questioning as hypocritical.

He said further,

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