Feb 20, 2020

Brand new Jag idles at SLBFE Featured

A brand new Jaguar vehicle said to be worth Rs. 22.1 million is said to be parked at the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) without being used.

The car has been brought down for the usage of the SLBFE Chairman and it has been revealed before the CoPE committee that a sum of Rs. 400,000 has to be paid as monthly installments for the car.

However, the present SLBFE Chairman has informed thet CoPE that he cannot use such an luxury car such as a Jaguar.

He has added that he hoped to give it to either the Treasury or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and obtain one or two motor vehicles in its place.

An insurance scam

Meanwhile, light has been shed on an insurance scam when the SLBFE had entered into a contract with a foreign company to provide insurance coverage for foreign workers. COPE Chairman Sunil Handunnetti stated that foreign workers have not received proper benefits from this insurance scheme.