Feb 16, 2020

Opposition plans to defeat govt. before New Year Featured

The Opposition is hatching a plan to defeat the special funding provisions bill scheduled to be presented to parliament on the 20th in order to cover the government’s outstanding bills, it is reported.
It is said that this was discussed at the MP group meeting as well.

The opposition is attempting to defeat this bill due to the fact that the government is not cooperating with them and over the filing of cases against opposition MPs etc.

Sri Lanka Mirror learns that the UNP senior MPs have also agreed to this decision.

The government intends to present to parliament a supplementary estimate of 367 billion. Although the government is seeking Rs. 367 billion, what they aim at getting is Rs. 146 billion.

However, according to Treasury sources, the government has already obtained 221 billion and the presenting of this bill is to place on record the credit obtained.

It is reported that with the obtaining of this financial provision the state credit limit for the government’s obtaining of credit would increase from 721 billion to 1088 billion.

During a UNP party leaders meeting MO Ravi Karunanayake had pointed out that this proposal to obtain financial provisions cannot be presented as a supplementary estimate.

He had pointed out that at a time the government is attempting to obtain funds for state expenditure, they cannot present a supplementary estimate and for this purpose the government should present a special proposal.

This view had been endorsed by the Attorney General as well.

Therefore, the government is reportedly planning on presenting an amendment to the vote on account instead of the supplementary estimate in order to obtain new grants.