Feb 10, 2020

CID operation exposes 67 files on Sathosa frauds Featured

The CID had recovered 67 files hidden in a house in Colombo pertaining to controversial Sathosa fraud amounting to billions during the previous government, during a raid.

According to the CID sources, there were files with details of rice imports shipments during 2016-2017  hidden in this house.

It is highly suspicious that such documents pertaining to imports of rice shipments which should be within the Sathosa premises had been hidden away in a private house. The CID said that through this discovery they hope to reveal many of the corrupt and fraudulent transactions of the previous government.

Generator fraud nabbed

It is also reported that there are documents found in this lot pertaining to a fraudulent transaction where 150 KW generators had been imported on the pretext of importing 200 KW generators.

Two police teams are engaged in this investigation under the supervision of CID –DIG Nuwan Wedasinghe.