Feb 02, 2017

Magistrate removed on civil society organization complaint Featured

A magistrate has been removed from his position on a complaint lodged by a civil society organization, the first since 1977.

The magistrate in question is D.M.A.I. Dissanayake, who had got appointed on a fake address.

His actual place of residence is Kelaniya.

Executive director of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Centre Keerthi Tennakoon complained to the Judicial Services Commission that (Asanka) Dissanayake had applied to the judicial service using a fake address.

He was also accused of having engaged in active politics for a long period, organized political meetings in support of the no-confidence motion to remove Shirani Bandaranayake from the position of chief justice, and thereby going against a collective decision by the Bar Association.

The complaint noted that Dissanayake, while being a magistrate, had engaged in politics by posting political notes on facebook.

The Bar Assiociation too, had made a complaint orally against him to the JSC, but a written complaint could not be lodged as planned due to the interference of a top figure in the judiciary.

The JSC also also taking up a complaint filed by Tennakoon against judge Thilina Gamage.



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