Jan 31, 2017

Politicians queue up to see Indian astrologer Featured

Local politicians are queuing up to see Indian astrologer and vasthu consultant M.S. Ramalingam who is presently in Sri Lanka, in order to take decisions about their political future.

Both ruling and opposition politicians are trying to obtain an appointment from Ramalingam, who is staying at room no. 707 of Pearl City Hotel at Bambalapitiya.

He is in such a demand due to his previous predictions on Sri Lankan politics having come true.

About 20 years ago, he said that a politician from the south would gain power of the state and would defeat terrorism.

A leading politician sent a helicopter to get him down to his hometown and was told that he should carry out certain poojas due to his having a bad time.

Meeting a young UNP minister, the astrologer predicted that he would become president in 2020.

Today, the owner of a media institution and top businessmen visited Ramalingam.

The Indian astrologer is due to go to Mannar tomorrow at the invitation of a politician of the area.