Dec 29, 2019

Corrupted football official sent home Featured

A top Sri Lankan football official who was unsuccessful at the recently concluded South Asian Games (SAG) in Nepal has been sacked following a financial scandal.

It is said that this official, who has been accused of various malpractices over a period of time, is an international football referee and has held several senior positions at the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL).

It is also reported that the main reason for the termination is the submission of video evidence by the players to the FFSL regarding the financial allegations made against him.

It was also reported that prior to participation at the SAG the coach of the football team had been given the target of winning a medal and was told that inability to meet the target will result in termination.

However, the coach failed to achieve the goal and failed to win a medal at the SAG.Football was among one of the two sports that Sri Lanka could not secure a medal.

However, it is reported that the coach has yet not been terminated.

Meanwhile, officials at FFSL have been criticized over the decline of Sri Lankan football at international and Asian level.

Sri Lanka is ranked 205th in the World Football Rankings and 45th in the Asian Ranking.