Nov 21, 2019

Sajith still the UNP Deputy Leader: PR agency obstructs Sajith’s journey Featured

Sajith Premadasa has still not officially resigned from his post as Deputy Leader of the UNP, Sri Lanka Mirror reliably learns.

Apart from the statement he made subsequent to his election defeat, he has so far not made any formal notification regarding his resignation.

Accordingly, Premadasa is said to have notified all UNP – MPs, Provincial Councillors and Electoral Organisers to be present at Sirikotha, UNP Headquarters at 11.00 am today (21) for a special meeting regarding his future political activities.

It is believed that the views of those present would be sought regarding the UNP future political journey.

However, it is reported that UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe would not be attending this meeting.

PR blunder

Currently, Sajith Premadasa’s Face Book and Twitter accounts are managed by a PR company and as they have no understanding of Sajith Premadasa’s political journey, their PR activities have caused contradictions.

With a Twitter post published stating that Sajith Premadasa would sacrifice the rest of his life for the implementation of PROJECTLEOPARD, which is geared towards conserving Panthera Pardus Kotiya, the MPs striving to take his political journey forward, have been placed in a difficult position.   

A post was placed on FB regarding his dedication to   PROJECTLEOPARD conservation programme.