Nov 14, 2019

Presidential election peaceful since nomination day Featured

The Recent for Monitoring Election Violence said that since the day of handing overnominations for the Presidential Election to date it has been a peaceful period.

This statementwas made based on information gathered by the monitoring centre, said the CMEVNational Coordinator Manjula Gajanayake.

The CMEV statedthat there were no reports of serious incidents taking place during this periodbut 743 complaints regarding election law violations had been received. Accordingly, there were 312 complaints against SLPP, 307 votes against the New Democra Front, 46 complaints against the Jathika Jana Balawegaya, 06complaints against the Progressive Socialist Party and 72 complaints againstthe other independent candidates.

Among these complaints there are 45 assaults, 38complaints regarding granting state employment, 129 complaints on misuse ofpublic property and 74 complaints on distributing goods.