Nov 07, 2019

Gas shipments nearing SL – 80,000 cylinders released to the market Featured

Litro Gas has stated that over 80,000 gas cylinders (12.5kg) will be released to the market daily from November 14th.

The company said that initially 80,000 cylinders would be released to the market daily and this amount could be increased systematically.

A ship carrying 3,600 tons of gas had reached Sri Lanka yesterday (06) and another shipment carrying the same quantity is expected to arrive by today, the Litro Gas Sales and Import Officer Janaka Pathiratne said.

Another two ships on the way

Another shipment of 3,800 metric tons of gas is expected on November 09th while another shipment of 2,500 metric tons of gas  is expected on the 12th.

Meanwhile, Laughs Gas had commenced its usual distribution from yesterday (06).

Legal action will be initiated on gas fraud

Meanwhile, the Consumer Affairs Authority said that legal action would be initiated against those who are making use of this situation and trying to create a gas shortage and sell gas at a higher price.

However, despite claims of gas stocks being distributed, even yesterday the consumers were greatly inconvenienced due to the shortage of gas.