Nov 06, 2019

Gas issue resolved Featured

The officials of the two main gas companies have given their assurance to the Cost of Living Committee that the gas distribution would be restored from this week and there would not be any shortage.

The daily supply of domestic gas cylinders has been increased from 75,000 to 100,000, ending the gas shortage, said the Sales Director of Litro Gas Janaka Pathiratne.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Laughs Gas Chaminda Ediriwickrama said that his company would increase the number of gas cylinders issued to the market by 35% and that they would maintain a buffer stock of 27,000 tons of gas.

Gas shortage ends this weeks

Agriculture Minister P. Harrison said that the gas shortage will end by this week and supply will be ensured.

The sudden surge in gas usage due to the price reduction, the crisis in Saudi Arabia and the recent inclement weather hindering the ships from transporting the gas stocks had contributed to the gas shortage.

However, he assured that the gas stocks required to meet the Christmas demand is already being met.