Oct 22, 2019

EU observers to monitor Prez poll Featured

The European Union is deploying short-term and long term observers to Sri Lanka to monitor the November 16 Presidential election.

 The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) will be deploying at least 30 long-term observers for observation in all nine provinces in the country.

 In the days before the election, 30 short-term observers will also be deployed across the country to observe voting, counting and the transmission of results, the EU EOM said.

 The mission is led by Chief Observer Marisa Matias, a Member of the European Parliament from Portugal and Deputy Chief Observer Dimitra Ioannou.

The hotly contested Presidential election will see foreign observers from multiple countries and organisations being deployed in Sri Lanka, including from the Commonwealth.

 The National Elections Commission sources said that election observers representing 13 countries arrived in the country yesterday in order to monitor election operations.

 NEC sources said that the observers had arrived from Indonesia, South Africa, Australia and South Korea. The observers who would arrive in the country on Nov 11th would remain till the election was over and they were expected to submit a report.

 Members of the European Election Monitoring Association (EEMA) arrived in the country on Oct 15 in line with the upcoming presidential election.

The NEC sources said that 60 members of the EEMA will remain in the country until December, along with two other monitoring groups namely the Commonwealth, and the South Asian Election Monitoring Forum.

An Elections Secretariat official said that more than 130 international election monitors would be in the country to witness the Nov 16 presidential election.
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