Oct 21, 2019

Will enforce death sentence if verdict is given Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena said that although he intended to enforce the death penalty on drug racketeers, as a case against it was filed at the Supreme Court he had no choice but to surrender to the court verdict.

The president said this addressing the third national youth UN conference at the Hilton Hotel yesterday (20).

However, he said that if the court gives its verdict in favour of the implementation of the death penalty, he would not hesitate to hang at least one drug racketeer before his term ends.

The most criticized person in the recent past is me

Sirisena noted that despite being the person most criticized in recent times, he had never obstructed the media freedom in this country during his term, adding that the youth currently enjoy maximum media freedom at present.

The President said that if youth are to enter politics, they should be educated and should have exemplary characters. He said in a country with intellectuals there are lesser issues.

He also stated that during his tenure as the president, he had taken great effort to safeguard the youth from the drug scourge.