Oct 21, 2019

Elec. Com. gets tough over ballot boxes! Featured

The Director General of the Election Commission  Saman Ratnayake says tenders would be called for the supply of 10,000 ballot boxes required for the presidential election.

He said ballet boxes of three sizes and thicknesses would be purchased.

He had saud this to a weekend newspaper. One of the specifications of the ballot boxes is that it should be light enough for one person to carry.

Although the Election Commission had previously decided to import the ballot boxes, they had changed their decision during last Friday’s (18) meeting.

These ballot boxes are required to be 8mm in thickness and should be able to have locks fixes.

Previously, the ballot boxes could hold around 700 ballot papers. However, due to the excessive length of the ballot papers this time, each ballot box could hold only around 400 ballot papers.

The presidential election scheduled to be held next month will be held at 12,000 polling centres.

According to the Election Commission Director General Saman Ratnayake, the Election Commission currently posseses around 25,000 ballot boxes.