Oct 15, 2019

Majority of SLFP will not vote for Lotus Bud Featured

Kalutara District MP Kumara Welgama claims that the majority of the SLFP supporters would not vote for the SLPP at this presidential election.

He said this during a media briefing organized by him to explain his future political journey under the current political atmosphere.

Welgama stated that SLFP supporters from all quarters are calling in and asking him to save the party from the destruction caused by the actions of several so called leaders of the SLFP.

However, he said these leaders will be carrying the SLFP boards after November 17th. The real SLFP members will join hands and take over the SLFP Headquarters at Darley Road and hoist the real SLFP flag.

"Welgama has no deals. The deal makers are now with the SLPP"

“I will stand firm and will not support the SLPP. I will also not support the Swan symbol. I will remain independent at this election for the sake of the party supporters. Despite so much backstabbing, and undercutting and ill-treatment the SLFP supporters of Elpitiya have shown their independence. Therefore, I extend my sincere gratitude to the people of Elpitiya.”

“Considering what happened to Lasantha Wickramatunge, Keith Noyahr and Ekneligoda etc, I fear for my life. However, I am not afraid  to sacrifice my life for the SLFP and our supporters,”  he said.