Oct 15, 2019

Mulaithivu Vihara crisis intensifies Featured

The crisis of the Mulaithivu, Nayaru, Gurukanda Viharaya has intensified, it is reported.

The temple monks lament that  this issue is only being raised by certain media and those connected to the Gurukanda temple.

Despite Tamil politicians storming the Gurukanda Temple and demanding ownership of the Temple land, this temple has historic significance and is a Buddhist heritage site spanning  many years.
Temple monks threatened for opposing the temple being bulldozed

A group of politicians from Mulaithivu and others had started bulldozing the land adjoining the Gurukanda Temple for the development of the nearby Kovil.

As the two resident monks had opposed this action,  the monks and the Gurukanda Temple caretaker were threatened.

Mulaithivu Police asleep

However, it is a huge question as to why the Mulaithivu Police are inactive while all this is happening right before them.