Oct 14, 2019

Thugs threaten Gurukanda temple monk

A group of Tamils who had come to the Mulaithivu, Nayaru Gurukanda Viharaya on October 11th demanding ownership of the temple premises had threatened to murder the priest at the temple and the caretaker and bury their bodies there.

The group of persons who had come to threaten the monk were from the nearby Neeraviyadi Kovil and several provincial politicians.  

The Mulaithivu Police had been notified of the incident and they had arrived at the scene and attempted to resolve the dispute. At that time the group from the Neeraviyadi Pilleyar Kovil  had demanded for the Gurukanda temple deed from the monk and threatened him.

The incident had got out of control and the group from the kovil had threatened the temple monk and the caretaker  in the presence of the police.

The TNA Northern Provincial Councilor representing the Mulaithivu District T. Raviharan was among the group who had arrived and threatened the monk and had instigated the crowd saying that as the chief priest of the Gurukanda Viharaya had passed away the new monk had no right to occupy the temple and wanted him to leave.  

They had threatened that if the temple crowd disturbs or obstructs their kovil activities, they would kill the monk and caretaker and bury them.

Two of the Kovil mob had tried to grab the mobile phones of two of the people who were recording the incident. The Kovil mobsters had shouted that no matter if any government head is notified of this incident, the people of Mulaithivu would never allow the Gurukanda Viharaya to function at this location.