Oct 09, 2019

Political party “trapped me in a conspiracy” - Nagananda Featured

Attorney Nagananda Kodituwakku, who was planning for a long time to contest the presidential election claims that a particular political party had trapped him in a conspiracy.

By last Sunday he failed to hand in his nomination and he has been criticised over social media for pretending to be contesting the presidential election and collecting funds from the public.

The BBC had reported this incident in the following manner.

Response to allegations

Responding to the media at the Election Secretariat last Monday he said that a certain political party had promised him nomination but had broken their promise.

“They promised me that if I renounce my UK citizenship they would allow me to contest the presidential election. Unlike others I did not present false evidence. I revealed accurate details of my citizenship renunciation with the certification of the Election Commissioner. Yet, this political party did not give me nomination,” Kodituwakku said.

“They promised to place the deposit for me on Friday at 12. Then the Secretary of the party came at 4 pm and said that I did not have permission from the party to contest. They even told me to go and join Mahesh Senanayake.”

However, he also states that he never wanted to spend money.

“There are political parties in the market which can be bought for up to 30 million. I spoke with 5-6 parties. I was not willing to spend even five cents for this.”

"This is a conspiracy"

He also alleged that the former Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake and several others are behind this conspiracy to deprive him of his nomination for the presidential election.

“This was an organised conspiracy and I raised my objections on social media regarding it. I mentioned about Mahesh Senanayake, the party and this conspiracy. This is the reply to allegations that the people’s money had been squandered.”

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the Jathika Janatha Viyaparaya Gamini Gunawardena vehemently refuted these allegations about Mahesh Senanayake.

He said the allegations made by Kodituwakku that the party had stepped in and prevented his nomination is completely false, adding that they are committed to engaging in gentlemanly politics.

He urged Kodituwakku to understand his inability and accept it instead of trying to blame others for it.

Expressing his views regarding this situation the General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Communist Party, former MP DEW Gunasekara said that Kodituwakku had paid a certain political party to obtain nominations for presidency but this party had rejected him at the last minute.

“He is the one who announced first that he would be contesting the presidency. At the end he had no party. He tried to lease out a party and based on their assurance he renounced his UK citizenship too. He also deposited the money he had collected to the account of this party. Eventually Nagananda realised that there are provisions within the constitution to engage in racketeering within the electoral system,” he said.