Sep 18, 2019

Batticaloa Campus has been operating as per Hizbullah’s desire Featured

The CoPE Committee yesterday determined that the Batticaloa Campus and the Hira Foundation owners former Governor A.L.M. Hizbullah had pressured the Bank of Ceylon to open accounts according to their desire.

The COPE had ordered the officials of the Batticaloa Campus (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka Hira Foundation, Bank of Ceylon (BOC) where 14 accounts related to the Campus had been opened and Ministry of the Higher Education to be
appeared before the committee yesterday (17).

However, only the officials at the BOC and the Ministry of Higher Education attended the hearing. 

Hizbullah, son evade COPE

The Chief Accountant of the Higher Education Ministry told the committee the ministry informed officials of the Batticaloa Campus (Pvt) Ltd and Sri Lanka Hira Foundation regarding the COPE summoning on 12 September.
However, they informed that they had pre scheduled foreign visit.

The COPE also questioned as to why the other officials such as Chief Accounts and legal Officers of the aid institutions failed to attend the hearing.

‘’Had all the officials of these two institutions gone overseas with Hizbullah?” the COPE Chairman Sunil Handunnetti queried.

Since the COPE did not get a satisfactory answer, Handunnetti ordered the Higher Education Ministry to inform all the officials of the two institutions to paper before the committee on 9 October at 2.30 p.m with written submissions as to why they failed to attend yesterday’s hearing.

Handunnetti also ordered to inform Hizbullah and his son to submit a detailed report on their pre scheduled foreign visit as well.