Sep 13, 2019

Ranil’s challenge-If Sajith wins Ranil will quit! Featured

The time period given to Sajith Premadasa to win the assistance of the other parties within the UNF prior to receiving nominations from the party as the Presidential candidate, ends this Sunday.

It is reported that during the meeting between Ranil and Sajith on September 08th, Ranil had challenged Sajith to win the support of the other parties.

However, according to internal sources, even if Sajith manages to win the support of the other parties within the UNF, it is difficult for him to show the minor community votes needed to win the election.

Following is an FB post by Sajith faction MP Ajith P. Perera.

Wickremesinghe had pointed out to Sajith Premadasa during their recent meeting that no candidate could win the election without the support of the TNA.

Not difficult to retire from politics - Ranil 

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that having held many political positions until the age of 70, it is not a difficult task for him to retire from politics.

He said this during a meeting with a group of staunch UNP members from the Biyagama electorate at Temple Trees yesterday (12).

He had said that at a time when the party leaders were sacrificing their lives, he had worked tirelessly to protect the party and had explained how he had resurrected the party every time it faltered.

"I will retire if I can’t contest the upcoming election"

He said as the leader who had uplifted the party during its hardest times, if he is able to win the upcoming presidential election he would contest, if not he will walk away.

He noted that it is his responsibility to ensure the victory of the UNP and the parties within the UNF, adding that if he is unable to fulfil that obligation at the next election, it is not a problem for him to step down.

This meeting was held at Temple Trees yesterday prior to his departure to Mannar to participate in several events.