Sep 12, 2019

Rains expected over the next 24 hours Featured

The Met Department warns that heavy rainfall of between 100-150 mm could be experienced in Western, Sabaragamuwa, Wayamba, Galle and Matara over the next 24 hours.

Thunder showers could be experienced during the evening in other areas and the sea areas around the island could be rough, the Met Department warned.

Meanwhile, landslide warning has been issued for the Ratnapura district, Ratnapura-Balangoda Divisional Secretariat areas due to heavy rainfall. The warning has been issued by the National Building Research Institute.

The Disaster Management Centre warns that where prior warning has been issued, the public should be vigilant during that period, especially if there are signs of landslides.

The Met Department has also warned fishing communities to refrain from engaging in fishing activities in the sea areas from Mannar to Pothuvil.

For people living in landslide prone areas the DMC warns them to be vigilant for pre landslide signs such as cracks in the ground and sinking, trees that get gradually uprooted, lamp posts, fences and telephone posts etc, and look out for cracks in walls and floors, gradual increase of these cracks, sudden sprouting of water from the ground, sudden drying up of water sprouts or sudden muddy water emanating from these sprouts.

In the event such signs are observed, the general public is warned to notify the DMC or NBRI and taking immediate precautions in such instances.

The DMC also notifies the public to contact them on their emergency hotline 117 in such instances.