Sep 11, 2019

Talks successful : Sajith agreeable to Ranil’s conditions! Featured

The talks held at Temple Trees yesterday between the UNP Leader Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa are very positive and favourable, according to PM’s Office sources.

The meeting commenced at 9.30 pm and took around an hour while Ministers Kabir Hashim, Malik Samarawickrama, Ranjith Maddumabandara and Rajitha Senaratne also participated.

During the meeting the tactics used for the election by the UNP and the party’s needs to form a broad coalition to win the election irrespective of who the presidential candidate is, was also discussed at length.

All present at the meeting had been in favour of continuing in the future as the United National Front (UNF).

Favourable results within a short time- Sajith

Subsequent to the meeting Sajith Premadasa expressing his views to the media said favourable results would be obtained within a short period and several rounds of talks would take place within the next few days.

When asked about his nomination for the presidential candidacy, Premadasa said that talks regarding the UNP presidential candidate with Ranil Wickremesinghe had gone well and that all issues could be resolved through cordial discussion.

He assured that the party would forge ahead as a united group, adding that no demands were made during the meeting.

Premadasa also noted that within the next few days a positive response would be announced, adding that internal talks were positive, but he had no deals with any party or faction but his deal was with the people. He also noted that he was no eagle or vulture but a full blooded elephant.

He noted that even to attain enlightenment one must yearn for it and as Ranil Wickramasinghe is a positive thinking person, he expects a positive response very soon.

Sajith denied speculation that there were internal disputes within the party, adding that whatever differences exists, he is certain they could be resolved amicably through dialogue.

He also denied speculation that there are now two factions within the UNP, the Ranil faction and the Sajith faction and said that continued discussions would be held during the next few days.

He said that all parties would support him including the SLPP, adding that it was important to act patiently.

Sajith is the presidential candidate -Harin

Meanwhile, the Sajith faction claimed that it had been agreed upon at the meeting to nominate Sajith as the candidate this weekend.

In a Twitter post Harin Fernando of the Sajith faction stated that the talks with the Prime Minister had been fruitful and that Sajith’s nomination would be announced over the weekend.