Sep 07, 2019

Sajith to contest separately : Names Presidential campaign committee Featured

The Sajith faction of the UNP has taken a decision to form a new party and contest the presidential election in the event Ranil Wickremesinghe does not agree to nominate Sajith.

The Ravaya newspaper had reported that in the event the Sajith faction separates from the UNP, there is a possibility that the SLFP would also join them.

According to internal SLFP sources, the talks between the SLFP and the SLPP are showing signs of breaking down as the SLPP had not agreed to contest under the flower bud sign proposed by the SLFP. Under such a situation,
the SLFP might contest alone or join the Sajith faction.

It is also said that Sajith Premadasa has planned to propose to the Prime Minister at their meeting tomorrow to contest the presidency separately and later join hands.

The intention is to contest the presidency separately and irrespective of who wins the election, for both faction to combine and contest the general election as one group.

Sajith’s weight placed on Imthiaz’s shoulder

Meanwhile, it is reported that a committee has been appointed to carry out the campaign for Sajith Premadasa’s presidential campaign.

Former Minister Imthiaz Bakeer Marker has been appointed as the head of this committee.

It is reported that the decision was taken to appoint someone who is not holding a ministerial portfolio so that he could commit full time to the election campaign work.