Sep 05, 2019

Another scam at RMV – This time 4 billion Featured

The workers of the Department of Motor Traffic allege that the attempt to grant the contract for the renovation of the Motor Traffic Department to a company belonging to a friend of the Motor Traffic Department heads, is a huge waste of public money.

The upgrading for the E-motoring service at a cost of Rs. 400 million and while there are 9 state institutions including the State Engineering Corporation and the CECB who have agreed to take on the task, the heads of the Motor Traffic Department had chosen this company.

Further, only three companies had won the tender for consultancy services.

However, while of the three companies that gained qualification two are the state institutions the State Engineering Company and the CECB, all tender regulations were violated by selecting this private company.

The workers charge that by awarding contracts to such inexperienced companies, it was a colossal waste of public funds.

They claim that for the colossal amount that is being spent for the upgrading, a brand new building could be constructed.

While there were many allegations levelled against the Motor Traffic Department over corruption and fraud both by the government and the opposition, an investigation was initiated by the Transport Ministry.

However, that too was stopped mid-way.