Aug 21, 2019

Colombo HC sentences drug trafficker to death

The Colombo High Court today sentenced a person to death for the trafficking and possession of heroin.

The sentence was delivered by Colombo High Court Judge Gihan Kulatunga.

Ada Derana reporter said that the suspect, Halpita Pathiranage Don Nishantha Perera, was among three persons arrested on November 26, 2007 by officers of the Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) along with 51g and 300mg of heroin.

Due to the fact that the haul had contained 22g and 54mg of pure heroin, a case was filed against the three suspects on charges of trafficking and possession of 22.54 grams of heroin.

Therefore the state counsel requested the court to give the accused the maximum punishment possible in order to set an example for society considering the seriousness of heroin rackets which have become a menace for the society.

After considering the facts presented before the court, the High Court Judged decided to sentence the accused to death.