Aug 02, 2019

Allirajah brings back thuggish tuition master to Swarnavahini! Featured

The thuggish tuition master Dinesh Nuwan Amaratunge who had attacked a van driver on the street in Kalagedihena recently, has been brought back on Swarnavahini for a programme, which has attracted severe criticism over
social media.

The video footage of the tuition master’s disciples attacking the van driver was recorded on a CCTV camera and circulated widely.

On a prior occasion while he was on a Swarnavahini TV programme, the management had taken measures to remove him due to massive public displeasure.

However, according to Swarnavahini internal sources, this tuition master has been brought back on this programme based on the intervention and instructions of the owner of Lyca Mobile Subaskaran Allirajah.

Currently, Allirajah’s company Brith Group of Companies is the owner of Swarnavahini.

What the former Director has to say about the thug

The former News Director Attorney Sudharshana Gunawardena had posted a comment regarding the said tuition master being brought on by Swarnavahini on his FB page.