Aug 01, 2019

Talks in Washington over road inside Sinharaja

Environmentalist Venerable Wekadawala Rahula Thero has stated that the complaint lodged by Peoples Wall to Protect Sinharaja against the World Bank regarding the construction of a road inside Sinharaja has been discussed again for the second time.

67837525 512194882856140 345216637890199552 nVenerable Thero made these comments at a media briefing yesterday (31 August) at CSR Maradana.

Rahula Thero stated that due to the construction of the road eco-system in Kudawa area has been severely affected which had a major impact on Sinharaja forest and that he had informed the Environment Ministry, the Department of Forest Conservation, the UNESCO World Heritage Office and the World Bank Representative of Sri Lanka on this regard. As the attempt was not successful he has had to lodge a complaint against the World Bank and ESCAMP project.

Although some lawyers and environmental organizations in Sri Lanka have said that the Sinharaja road is not harmful, even the World Bank has acknowledged that it is harmful and has stopped the construction of the road.