Jul 29, 2019

Petitions filed at SC against moves to ban tuition classes on Sundays, poya days

Two petitions were filed at the Supreme Court today (Jul 29) challenging the government’s decision to ban tuition classes on Sundays and on Poya days.

The petitions had been filed by Dr. Sudath Diguarachchi, a private tutor, and a parent, citing that the government’s decision to put forward a bill to amend the Holidays Act is inappropriate.

They argued that children who hope to acquire additional knowledge would be affected by this Act, against the backdrop of a proper education system at schools.

The petitioners pointed out that Sections 3, 4 and 2 (1) of the bill which proposed amendments to the Act, were in violation of the constitution.

They also stated that this matter should be passed with a two-thirds majority in Parliament and must also be put forward for a referendum. The Attorney General has been named as a respondent to the case.