Jul 20, 2019

Houses in Kurusapaduwa being washed to sea (photos) Featured

Around 52 families in Kurusapaduwa, Chilaw have been evacuated due to rough seas, according to the Assistant Director of the Disaster Management Centre Ranjith Alahakoon.

The evacuated families are temporarily housed at the Chilaw – Wella Roman Catholic church and their welfare activities are being taken care of by the Chilaw Divisional Secretariat.

Due to the rough seas over the past several days, the Chilaw-Kurusapaduwa coast has experienced serious erosion.

Several of these houses on the coastal belt are facing the danger of being washed to sea while in several houses the toilets and kitchens have been washed away by the strong waves.

Despite the fisher folk piling on sand bags to save their homes, their efforts have proved futile.
Therefore, as a temporary measure, the Kurusapaduwa residents have been evacuated from their homes.
It is reported that no one living close to the sea have a legal authority to remain in their homes.

The Puttalam Divisional Secretary N.H.M. Chitrananda said that attention has been focussed on providing these residents alternate lands and awarding them legal rights to these lands.

(Photos by Jude Samantha)

Kurusapaduwa 001

Kurusapaduwa 002

Kurusapaduwa 003

Kurusapaduwa 004

Kurusapaduwa 005


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