Jul 18, 2019

Wheat flour prices likely to be reduced : CAA

Prices of wheat flour are likely to be reduced following talks with manufacturers, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) said today (Jul 18).

A meeting is expected to take place today between the government authority and a private wheat flour company which increased its prices recently, resulting in a price hike on bakery products this week.

“Wheat flour is an essential food item. It is the CAA which should determine the prices of such products,” Samantha Karunarathne, Deputy Director of the authority said.

Karunarathne noted that bakeries in the country have been strictly warned against increasing the prices of bread until a final decision is announced in this regard.

The Bakery Owners Association, earlier this week, announced that the prices of wheat flour would be hiked by Rs 5 due to the decision taken by two wheat flour companies to increase their prices.

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