Jul 02, 2019

Sri Lanka's RIOCOCO pair with for world's largest high-tech greenhouse 

Management of SARA, Inc. has decided to work exclusively with RIOCOCO coir growing medium, one of the world’s leading brands of Sri Lankan origin, to pair with its climate control system.
SARA greenhouse was built in Kasaoka city in Japan and it is the largest single site advance glass greenhouse project with the latest technology available in the world to grow tomatoes, bell peppers and butterhead lettuce. This project involves operations of advanced greenhouse horticulture and biomass power plant. The cost per acre to build this greenhouse is 5 times higher than the per acre cost of the normal high-tech greenhouse. SARA developed a new climate control system for semi-closed greenhouse settings.
Then the next important thing was to select a suitable growing media, which can pair with the climate control system.  World’s leading growing media suppliers presented their products and finally the management of SARA, Inc. decided to work with RIOCOCO.
This is a great and a unique opportunity for RIOCOCO to prove that they are the market leader in the coir growing media brands in the world and to win recognition for Sri Lanka as a country to be a part of the Japan’s most high-tech greenhouse operation.
The opening ceremony was held in the Kasaoka city greenhouse premises on 21stof June and invitees from the government of Japan, local government and business partners participated in the ceremony.
At the end of the ceremony, Susantha Shan Halamba, Chairman and CEO of the RIOCOCO Lanka (Pvt) Ltd in Sri Lanka and the Ceyhinz Link International, Inc , in Texas, USA presented Sri Lankan flag to display inside the greenhouse applauding the management of SARA for giving this great opportunity to RIOCOCO to be a part of the prestigious project. This was the first time a “Made in Sri Lanka” coir growing medium product was selected to be used in a most hi-tech greenhouse complex in the world. RIOCOCO coir growing medium products are sold in 52 countries worldwide and it was the only Sri Lankan based company to be honored with the world’s most prestigious international business award, Stevie Gold Award in the USA.
Kagome, the largest multi-greenhouse company in Japan, also uses RIOCOCO growing media to grow their Disney brand tomatoes throughout Japan since 2006. This is also a very rare opportunity a Sri Lanka-based company achieved in Japan to work with a billion-dollar Japanese conglomerate over 13 years and help them to make their product the #1 grade tomato in Japanese market.