Jun 25, 2019

NTJ Leader identified! Featured

The security forces have identified the recently arrested suspect Naufer Maulavi from a lodge in Dambulla as the Leader of the National Thawheed Jama’ad (NTJ), according to internal security sources.

This was confirmed after the suspect who is now in CID custody, had been brought before the Easter Sunday suspects who had identified him.

It is also said that the leaders of the NTJ group had held a meeting with Naufer prior to the Easter Sunday attacks and during that meeting several other proposals had also been presented. However, it had been Saharan Hashim who had proposed the suicide attacks.

At this meeting he had urged several others to join him in launching this suicide attacks.

The said Maulavi who is currently in custody is also said to have operated as the leader in charge of spreading the views of the NTJ.