Jun 24, 2019

3 Ex-LTTE members indicated over mass murder of soldiers

Indictments were filed against three ex-LTTE intelligence cadres over the killing of 26 navy and army personnel during the war at the Vavuniya High Court today (Jun 24).

Madiarasan Sulakshan, Ganeshan Dharshan, and Sivathurai Sivaruban - the suspects in the case, have been accused of killing Sri Lankan military personnel in January 2009.

The Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) told court that the military personnel were killed while they were under custody of the LTTE in Vishwamadu, Mullaitivu.

Court also heard that DNA samples could not be obtained from the bodies of the military personnel since they had been burnt using petrol. The TID also said that details pertaining to this killing had been uncovered during a questioning carried out on a LTTE suspect.

Meanwhile, Senior State Counsel Madava Thennakoon appearing for the prosecution told court that this is the first case in which evidence is available to prove that the LTTE had committed war crimes during the war.

Attorney Anton Pulidanayagam appeared for the accused. An amended charge sheet was also handed over to the accused today.

Court ordered that hearing of this case would be adjourned until tomorrow (Jun 25).